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September 23, 2013 Washington, DC - Solomon's - Annapolis - Baltimore - Upstate NY

Long ago when we were at Charleston's Ashley Marina for several years, we met sailors from Solomon's, Curt and Judy.  As we go to and fro, we make it a point to stop at their dock and have a catch-up visit over dinner.  They're preparing for a trip to India for a wedding and they are the bride's family.  It was fun to share their excitement as they related their research into customs and dress in India.  Their wedding clothes for the 3 day event are all laid out and ready to pack.  Eager for stories and pictures after their return.  I am thrilled for them and this marvelous experience.

Our Florida Keys sailor friends, Elinor and Tom, invite us to their dock as we cruise through Annapolis.  You may remember that Tom is our cycling guru. Even though we'd gone to Annapolis just a few weeks before to have dinner with several couples of our Keys group, we looked forward to visiting with them again and having Tom drag us one one of his bike rides.  That area has terrific …

5 September 2013 Washington, DC, - Port Tobacco - Smith Creek

Typically, just before daybreak, I get out for my walk.  I love the brand new day when it’s untouched and freshly kissed with dew.  There are no tourists--just runners, walkers, and cyclists. The morning of the March on Washington, cars, vans, motorcycles and buses were arriving in droves from all over the country to participate in the March.  The National Mall was brimming with travelers even though the presentations weren’t scheduled to begin until 11:00 AM.  

The following morning was a terrible disappointment to see all the trash, carnage, and debris thrown on the National Mall grounds by the March on Washington folks. This is their country and their Capitol. I found their lack of pride to be despicable. It certainly doesn't speak well of their cause.

Every evening at 6:00 PM, there is a free concert on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center.  We were fortunate to hear a group of young people from Paraguay who made instruments from junk--a flute made from a pipe; sax made fr…