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13 November 2013 Irvington - Great Bridge, VA

Let me begin on a positive note.  Our month (minus a day) in Rappahannock Yachts, was time and money well spent.  Kindred Spirit ran like a charm which was a great confidence booster and appreciation to those folks for many jobs well done.

We are so desperately trying to get to Charleston!!!  14 hours after departing Irvington, VA, Monday morning, we arrived at the Atlantic Yacht Basin in Great Bridge (AKA Chesapeake, VA).  We were keeping an eye on the weather generating constantly changing "intentions" as we passed Hampton where we had reservations, then Norfolk, where we also had reservations.  Our rationale was that our window of opportunity to get through the broken Great Bridge Lock was THEN.  It has a broken valve so it's opening only at low tide and not in high winds--which were forecast.  

Others had the same idea so 7 of us danced around in a very tight spot after dark for a nerve-wracking 2.5 hours as we impatiently waited for the lock to open. We knew when low…

8 November 2013 Hip Hip Hooray! We were splashed this afternoon!

This morning the beautiful sound of the Travel Lift became louder as it headed our way on day 16 of living on the hardand 24 days in the yard!
Early afternoon Thomas drove the lift and lovingly and tenderly lowered us back into the water.  I thanked him for hauling us and getting us back in the water safely and he said, "oh, you're just one of the lucky ones!"

We're afloat and awaiting a sea trial this afternoon.  Keeping our fingers crossed for a 0600 departure Monday morning.
Bill and Laura Irvington, VA

November 5, 2013 After Baltimore…what???

Baltimore - Maryland Yacht Club - Severna Park - Annapolis - Rappahannock Yachts, Irvington, VA
Lots has happened since our last blog over a month ago but nothing too scenic nor exciting but definitely expensive!
While we were in Baltimore, we found out we had a potential issue with our port transmission.  This really didn't come as a surprise because we had the starboard one replaced 3 years ago.  We ordered a new one and made arrangements with a nearby boatyard, Rappahannock Yachts, to do the work.
Enroute, we stopped in Severna Park/Annapolis to visit with Tom and Elinor again and also got together with sailors David and Linda and Walter and Mary.  Weather kept us there for a while but we were able to leave before Tom and Elinor had to claim us as dependents.
We spent a night at Maryland Yacht Club and had dinner with trawler full-time cruising friends, Jim and Peg.  As we were leaving we chatted with a couple we met in Baltimore who are also full-time and call Maryland Yacht Club …