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1 April 2014 Marathon, FL

Returning Here Each Winter is Akin to "Going Home"
     That "Home" word seems to come out of my mouth often as in arriving at Olverson's or Wild Dunes but we all refer to our Sombrero Marina friends as our Marathon Family.  Some have been reappearing for decades.  We all get the same slip year after year because we can't imagine having new neighbors.  We love being between Larry and Mary and Curt and Susie.  It just wouldn't be the same without them.
     What a wonderful winter we have had in the Florida Keys.  Our empathy for the horrible season many of you have had---even those of you who were/are ostensibly in the SOUTH!  We endeavored to soak up the warm rays for you as we wiggled our toes in the sultry white sand and gazed upon the crystal clear baby blue waters.
     Being the old car buff that he is, and because we had never been to Curry Hammock State Park, Bill and I cycled up there to accomplish two things at once.  The park is minuscule but qu…