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10 April 2014 Little Shark River - Panther Key - Marco Island - Naples - Pelican Bay - Punta Gorda - Amelia Island (by car)

Even though our departure from Marathon was emotional, it always feels good to have water moving beneath our hull again and thrill at the dolphins riding our wake and welcoming us to continuing our cruising.  Our first night was in the Little Shark River which isn't an especially beautiful spot but regardless of the location, it's impossible to wreck the beauty of one of God's paintings and His gift to us as a sunset.

Marco Island and Naples have been our destination on several road trips in years past but it's astounding how contrasting a city looks by land as opposed to by sea.   What an esthetically pleasing this city that's exquisitely landscaped and maintained. Fortunately, we arrived here on Thursday which is the only night that C.J.'s on the Bay has live music outdoors.  On our bridge, we de-stressed in our lounge chairs, entertained by their music and enjoying our collations. 
Our dinghy took us around the anchorage to "see what we could see".