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20 - 30 May 2014 Marina Jacks Sarasota, FL

Our week in Sarasota flew far too fast but we didn't waste a precious second of our time there.  We really look forward to returning in the fall.  Below is the fountain and sculptures that were our first view every morning.

          An interesting sculpture on a street corner.

     We weren't able to take advantage of this cultural experience but have that on our Bucket List for our return trip.

     These pianos are all over town with big signs inviting passers-by to stop and play them.  They are well used and the tunes springing from these overly decorated instruments offer an enjoyable interruption for those strolling to strolls.

          An Italian restaurant has this eye-catcher on their street corner.

     Scott Gerber sells these aluminum adorable smiling face sculptures are all over town smiling on front lawns and displaying welcome signs outside storefronts up and down the Gulf Coast.  He describes himself as "a once-cavalier yacht builder humbled by the Great …

10 - 19 May 2014 Punta Gorda and Venice, FL

When our month in Punta Gorda was up we cruised 3-4 hours which makes for a very nice day and anchored in Gasparilla Sound. We've been way over due a R and R and this afternoon and evening has been it! What a pretty place to just kick back!  A friend made great fun saying that our entire life is a R and R but even volunteers can have a stressful times and both of us did for a month or two.  We hung deadlines on the "time clock" the last time we "clocked out" and don't do well with them at all since retirement.

     The next morning as we continued north, the beautiful blue-green water was just boiling with shark fins.  Wonder if they can flip my kayak? Just give me a swimming pool where I can see the bottom and any foreign bodies that might be in there. And to think, growing up on the Pensacola and Ft. Walton Beaches, thoughts of scary water creatures never entered my mind.  All I ever saw back then wer jellyfiesh.

   Our next destination was Venice, a v…