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July 10 - 27 - 2014 ~Columbus, MS - Bay Springs Lake, MS - Grand Harbor Marina, TN - Joe Wheeler State Park, AL - Guntersville Marina, AL

Before we continue east, I want to tell you what I neglected to say about our visit to Columbus, MS, which was actually a highpoint for me.  We visited the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Tennessee William’s, first home that is 135 years old.  Did you know that he is said to have been the most important American playwright ever?  Since my freshman year in college, I’ve been a fan of his works. I was a drama major and my first year in college, our drama department performed The Glass Menagerie.  Not a very good photo but this gingerbread Victorian house was his first home and the exterior hues are authentic paint colors used at that time.  He has produced some marvelous works and I was ecstatic at the opportunity of feeling more “connected” with him.
    Long long ago, when we were all just a glimmer in our daddy’s eye, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was launched as part of the Continental Army.  In 1802, Congress established West Point, NY, as our country’s first school of e…

June 28-July 10, 2014 Pensacola, FL - Fairhope, AL - Daphne, AL - Columbus, MS

Just a little post script to the Pensacola story; the conclusion to my most recent update.  This is the humble little home my parents had built and moved into two weeks before I was born in 1940; where my brother, Bob, and I grew up; and where my parents lived until 2006 when they moved to an assisted living facility. I've always loved those beautiful trees.  No one lived behind us because the two spinsters who lived on the corner had a tennis court built back there.  That's where Bob and I learned to roller skate.

             Across the street from our house is  a park...which isn't a park.  

     No swings or slides or park benches but ancient mammoth sprawling oaks that were great for climbing way back then... 

and they still are.  I couldn't resist!
     Our oldest son, Chad, brought our 13 year old grandson, Zack, to cruise from Pensacola to Fairhope as a "trial" to see if he'd like to continue with us for a week as we mosey north into Alabama, Mississi…

20 May - 28 June 2014 Treasure Island - Three Rooker Bar - Carrabelle - Ft. Walton Beach - Pensacola

More than a month has passed since I last tried to "catch up" on this blog.  It's difficult to play and then have time and energy to write but if I don't make haste and get cracking on getting you up to snuff as to where we are this day---7 July---this blog will be worse than ancient history, yellowed with age, and covered in cobwebs so probably more photos than text...again.

     While in Fernandina Beach in April, we met "new friends", Gary and Carol, who live on Anna Maria Island, FL.  Just before we departed Marina Jacks in Sarasota, they chauffeured us around the city, across to Siesta, St. Armand's, Lido, Longboat, Bradenton Beach, then to Anna Maria.  

     There is one area where peacocks run free----dozens of them.  When they drove us over to see them, there must've been a mass exodus just before we arrived because we saw only a couple...but all the lawns are really green.  The end of the island chain is Anna Maria where we visited in th…