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20-22 October 2014 Goose Creek Marina, Scottsboro, AL - Florence Harbor Marina, AL

The weather has been spectacular as we continue our southwest cruise to warmer climes.

These rock bluffs/cliffs are so dazzling to us flat-landers.

Almost feel I should apologize for so much of the same... but we're getting ready to leave these verdant undulating foothills as soon as tomorrow and it's difficult to become sated.

We've just entered the Wilson Lock and are getting ready to descend.  The gates you see are the guillotine type.  We saw those in the Erie Canal and in Canada but not so much in this area.

I'm forward and Bill's aft, fending off the walls, hoping to prolong the life of our fenders.  It's a long way down.

Look at those massive doors!

We've arrived in Florence, AL, and we love it already!  Eva, the marina owner/dock master/dock mistress/dock person, is so personable and we connected with her as soon as she secured our spring.  We met her friends, Marion and Tom, from CO. The 5 of us had lunch and we visited quite a while talking about motor c…

18-20 October 2014 Chattanooga - Goose Creek Marina

We left Chattanooga after visiting for a week although we planned to spend only a few days.  Look forward to returning there to see and do more in that fascinating city. 

As we leisurely cruise west on our way south, we continue to relish the craggy, yet verdant,  rises on the horizon profiled against  a cobalt sky.

Saturday, we arrived in Scottsboro, AL, at Goose Pond Marina.  Tomorrow, Monday, we'll continue our migration.  Today we hiked 5 ½ miles on trails in Goose Pond Plantation along the shore line, past the immaculate golf course, and through the campground.  We often hear friends rave about their visits to this area we we had to investigate it for ourselves.  We've loved this stop for its hushed solitude and natural vistas.

Today on our hike we enjoyed these little PVC pipe people decked out for this beautiful fall season.

These darling fall figures have no top to their heads.  Maybe that's how thoughts escape.

     We thought thought they needed something to keep t…

8 - 17 October 2014 Chattanooga, TN

Ahhhh.... the water.
There's justsomething about the water...!  

     The water rushing beneath our hull performs it's own hypnotizing melody that catapults me into a trance-inducing state of contentment, relaxation, and mental rejuvenation. There is something about that consistent bow wave and the lazy wake that always follows us that I can watch for hours and feel as if I need to do nothing more.  
     As we slowly crept our way up the Tennessee River this placid early morning landscape, painted by our Creator was a beautiful setting as we sipped our coffee on the fly bridge.

     As the mist began to lift, God continued to raise the curtain to show us more of His nature that He has created for us to enjoy.

     Our flat Florida has no verdant undulations such as this; cast against an azure sky; garnished with fluffy dollops of white clouds; and all reflected in the magnificent Tennessee River.

Bridges are so interesting and one of my favorite configurations to gaze upon.   We cr…

27 July - 10 October 2014 Guntersville Marina, AL, and a 3 week road trip to here and there.

Guntersville, AL, and places beyond!

     Bill's always had an affinity for working out but when he saw the For Sale sign, I guess it was one of his never-happened-before impulses!  Just kidding.  Neither of us wants to own anything that might fall under the title of Real Estate.  This is in the center where our favorite Mexican restaurant is.  After a meal there we should've visited the gym!

Any idea what this is??

     The eyeball on top really freaked me out!!!  We were told that it's a fresh water jelly fish, however when I Googled it, I didn't see anything that looks like this.  "They say" that these things form around anything they find in the water and I did see one enveloping a dock line that was hanging from a piling.  This creature moves by undulating and are said to not be poisonous.  They can even be picked up and held.  No thanks!  Looks like something in a haunted house that you'd have to reach in and touch and feel the bumps and slime.

I always …