4 November - 20 December 2014 Columbus, MS - Mobile, AL - Pensacola, FL - Mount Pleasant, SC- Pensacola, FL

      Another long hiatus making me once more ponder the debate I persist in having with myself.  Since retirement, are days shorter or am I slower?  Seems I never getting anything completed which could be the result of poor time management although I seem to be running full throttle all day.

     With that proffered alibi, I'm sending this with photos totally out of sequential order because I don't/can't/won't take the time to rearrange them.

This enormous catamaran is docked at Pensacola's Naval Air Station.  It was so huge, I think we could've cruised beneath her.

While in Pensacola, friends Burke and Stel heard that Mannheim Steamrollers would be performing that evening at the historic and iconic Saenger Theatre.  We hopped right on it and were able to get tickets, albeit it in the bowels of the belfry.  We were still able to enjoy the execution of their Christmas music.  Afterward, they greeted their audience "up close and personal" so we were able to see what they really look like.  The two percussionists were astonishing in their talent, renditions, and energy.  Focusing on them provided a 'show' within a show.

Pensacola had a several week long festival and celebration of the arts.  A very old neighborhood, the Belmont-DeVillers district, sometimes known as West Hill or "the "Blocks" is a center of Pensacola's African-American community.  It was a bustling commercial district in the early twentieth century until a number of factors led to an exodus of both businesses and residents in the 1950's.  This revitalization project that desires to preserve the historic flavor of the neighborhood, installed new sidewalks, brick crosswalks, historic street lamps and beautiful landscaping to the area's core.  

A glimpse of the beautiful white (although it doesn't look too snowy here) and our crystal azure waters that I'm privileged to call "my native land".

Have you ever seen one of these on/in the ground and wondered, "what in the world?"  A US federal agency, the National Geodetic Survey, manages our coordinate system that provides the foundation for transportation and communication; mapping and charting; and a large number of science and engineering applications--so this little brass disk is called a Geodetic Marker. 

Little Beach Bird tracks on the Fort Pickens beach.


Just a pretty scene from our walk at old Fort Pickens.

This heron found a fish that he is having a hard time keeping in his mouth/beak.

Our son, Chad, and his wife, Ginger, surprised me on my birthday.  That was a magic, astonishing event and gift.  I'm still grinning!

Thanksgiving turkey frying at Chad and Ginger's.

7 year old granddaughter, Lily, from Dallas, helping her Aunt Ginger with Thanksgiving dinner.

Son, Matt from Dallas; Bill from everywhere; and Terry from Abilene

Granddaughter Lily, the youngest, gets the drum stick.

Lily 'riding' a cannon

Lily and some Old Salt at the Lighthouse

We climbed the 177 steps to the top of the lighthouse

View from the top

Matt, Bill, and Lily at the top of the lighthouse

Lighthouse in background

Lily's first ever shrimp.  She said she didn't like them but she'd never had one.  She LIKES shrimp!

He said he "raised him up" and is tame.  Makes me wonder about the Squirrel Tamer.

Our view of Pensacola Bay from Bagelheads

We bought a motor coach to see parts of our country unreachable by boat.  We're NOT giving up boating--ever!

Seafood Nachos at Pensacola Beach's Flounder's Restaurant

Flounder's Key Lime Pie

This downtown Pensacola barber is 98 years old and he'll be 99 in March.  He works all day 4 days a week and is as sharp as a tack.

Isn't this a bizarre suit!!  Yes, there are pants to complete the ensemble.  Seen in the window of a high-end men's store.

Our first night in Pensacola

Hotel lobby in Lake City, FL

View from a Charleston, SC, restaurant

Entering FL from AL 9 November 2014

Sunset from an AL anchorage

Moonrise on Tombigbee Waterway

We send love and Christmas wishes to each of you.

Bill and Laura
Aboard Kindred Spirit III
Docked Palafox Pier and Yacht Basin
Pensacola, FL


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