6 June 2015 Mall of America, Minneapolis, MN

Water Park

     What an overwhelmingly impressive experience for us two country bumpkins.  Neither of us are shoppers but we’d heard so much about the Mall of America in Minneapolis that we just had to go there.  If you’ve never been, you should put it on your bucket list.  We were there for hours and, believe it or not, walked out empty-handed.  It just look forever to try to take in all of it.  There are 4 levels housing shops, restaurants, IKEA, furniture stores, bars,  theatres, ice rink, 3 hotels, a water park Bass Pro, a dinner theatre, an aquarium, and a HUGE amusement park——definitely a sensory over load on all levels.  And, if that were not enough, it’s expanding!!!  If Nordsto

m isn’t within your budget, there’s a Dollar Tree, a Sears and JCP.
Ice Rink

     The MoA has over 42 million visitors annually, the most of any mall in the world, and employs over 11,000 year-round and 13,000 during peak seasons.  It’s located on the site of the former Metropolitan Stadium, where the Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Twins played until the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome opened. A plaque in the amusement park commemorates the former location of home plate, and one seat from Met Stadium was placed in Mall of America at the exact location it occupied in the stadium.

     The Mall of America has a gross area of 4,870,000 square feet or 96.4 acres which is enough to fit seven Yankee Stadiums inside.The mall is  symmetric with a rectangular floor plan. Mayo has markers inside for walkers with designations for a mile, 5K, 10K, and 13.1 miles.  Beyond belief and overwhelming is our description of that day's experience.

Bill and Laura
Loving our new adventure and in our 6th week.


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