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18 August 2015 Utah Salt Lake City - The Great Salt Lake - Park City - Sundance

      Bill, a non-floater, demonstrates the high salinity of the Great Salt Lake  Bill floats like a  rock but look at my very buoyant hubby.  In the summer when the lake is down, the salinity is about 27%--obviously much more dense than is the ocean. The trek from the parking lot to the lake's edge is about a half mile of wading through very soft ankle-deep sand and rocks.  Certainly not a time to leave your water bottle behind.  Bill sorta rinsed his shorts and the next morning they had dried and they stood all alone and by themselves in the corner!  

     Knowing that Thursday night is the rehearsal time for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra, we made it a point to be there for that.

     WOW!! We sat in on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra rehearsal on Thursday night. What a long dreamed-of treat. We were in the Conference Center Auditorium which occupies 10 acres. It is ENORMOUS, seating 21,000 people!! The sounds made me tingle down to my toes. 🎶

12 August 2015 Coeur d' Alene, ID - Spokane, WA - Portland, OR - OR Coast - Eugene, OR - Bend, OR - Boise, ID - Arco, ID - Yellowstone - Grand Tetons

Calgary was a difficult place to leave but it was in our rearview mirror as we saw Coeur d' Alene in our cross hairs and arrived to celebrate our independence after just recently enjoying celebrating with the Canadians.  That was a delightful little city---beautiful, a college town, water water everywhere,  very bicycle friendly.  In that area it wasn't uncommon to have streets dedicated JUST to bicycles and if cars had to share with us, the bike lane was plenty wide enough so that lessened our fears of becoming a statistic. 

     Took a little side trip on a simply perfect day to investigate the OR coast north of Coos Bay.  Several years ago we covered Coos and south.

     Tillamook Cheese Factory also summoned us where we tanked up on many cheese samples THEN did not resist their ice cream made with very rich whole milk and many other ingredients that made me wonder why my shorts are too tight.  Sure was good!
Sweetest guy in the world dwarfed by
Biggest truck in the world


2 July 2015 Alberta, CA

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Seems like flowers and especially baskets, are fuller and much more vibrant than our southern ones.  Each time I see one I can't help but effervesce about their abundance and beauty.

     We’re almost 4 months into our 6 months of “land cruising” and are excited about how much our learning curve is flattening.  Several months ago we were very excited but VERY apprehensive about what lay ahead. Now, our baseless fears are gone, each day becomes easier and more fun and we’re “in the groove”. There is one thing that we are having difficulty with from 7 years of moving slower than a snail's pace is that we've traveled so far but it hasn't been an ordeal at all. Weather doesn't dictate and we have a car!!! 

     As I was close to retirement, several of my patients said they would expect me to return to work after a bit because retirement is so boring.  I have never looked back.  On the other hand, Bill was afraid he would be bored because he was ne…