2 July 2015 Alberta, CA

                                     Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Seems like flowers and especially baskets, are fuller and much more vibrant than our southern ones.  Each time I see one I can't help but effervesce about their abundance and beauty.

     We’re almost 4 months into our 6 months of “land cruising” and are excited about how much our learning curve is flattening.  Several months ago we were very excited but VERY apprehensive about what lay ahead. Now, our baseless fears are gone, each day becomes easier and more fun and we’re “in the groove”. There is one thing that we are having difficulty with from 7 years of moving slower than a snail's pace is that we've traveled so far but it hasn't been an ordeal at all. Weather doesn't dictate and we have a car!!! 

     As I was close to retirement, several of my patients said they would expect me to return to work after a bit because retirement is so boring.  I have never looked back.  On the other hand, Bill was afraid he would be bored because he was never a day without a job for 44 years.  He has never regretted his retirement.

     This is a more sedentary lifestyle than water cruising which helps explain the many over-weight people that we see. I think I’m headed in that direction because we’re eating like we’re on vacation—but this is our LIFE!!!. We have to make a very special effort to get out and break a sweat and get our heart rate up. No idea why that's so difficult unless it's because the coach is so much more comfy and more ergonomically friendly than the boat. Temp is always perfect; starting genset is only the flip of a switch; the shower is wonderful; and we sleep like dead people. We're great sleepers on the boat but this is even a more sound sleep---didn't believe that could be possible. Life is good and everyday we are thankful for our health and the opportunity to revel in this nomadic lifestyle.

While in Alberta, we saw countless fields drenched in vibrant yellow; a                           spectacular showing of canola.


Beautiful Banff, Alberta!
   Lake Louise is beautiful, clear, and colder than a well digger's shovel! Loved it. Don’t know temp but in summer it ‘sometimes’ gets up to 50 degrees!

     On a hike up the mountain that you see in the background, toward the glacier, a porcupine cornered Bill.  He dared not step over and there was no way to go around this critter so it was a Mexican Standoff.  The guide said that the glaciers are becoming less and less each year.

     We’re loving the low humidity and cool breezes of Calgary, Alberta, and surrounding areas but we’re involuntarily experiencing and “internet fast” which is driving me crazy and that’s a short trip for me. No phone service. Only connection to the rest of the world is via texting—sans pictures. Whatever did we do before the internet? How’d we know where to go; how to get there; where to find…; other than snail mail, how to stay in touch with family and friends…? Think we’ll hang around for the Calgary Stampede—we’ve got the costumes! Hee-haw!!!!!

When Canada Day rolled around, we rolled down there on our bikes to celebrate along with them. Great cycling opportunities there.

 This struck me as a very strange/unusual sculpture in downtown Calgary

     Loving the low humidity, cool breezes and temps in the 60’s in Calgary but sadly we’re experiencing an “internet fast” here.Whatever did we do before Google?  How’d we know where to go; how to get there; what to do when we  got there; how to communicate with friends short of snail mail…? The deficit is driving me crazy and for me, that’s a short trip.  We celebrated Canada Day right along with the Canadians in Calgary and when we left, it was 66 degrees.

Site of 1988 Winter Olympics

      My sweet Bill had his 69th birthday so to celebrate, he rode 69 miles on his little Bike Friday then said, "what the heck---let's make it 70!" So he did and what a poster child for excellent health and great conditioning for such an old man!


            Bill's birthday breakfast to fuel his 70 miles bike ride.

We're on the move.  Hope you can stay with us.

Bill and Laura Bender


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