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5 October 2015 - Lexington, KY - Rochester, NY - Finger Lakes Region, NY - Ithaca, NY - Cape Charles, VA

From St. Louis, MO, we made tracks to Louisville, KY, where we spent several days.  This is the home of Churchill Downs and numerous distilleries.  We took a tour of the Downs and watching a race was part of the deal.

   Probably the best known distillery is the Evan Williams and their Bourbon Experience, located in the heart of downtown Louisville, combines two of America’s favorite things—history and Bourbon.We took the Speak Easy Tour and were led through a pseudo fire place and fake safe door. After providing the correct password to the proprietor, we were admitted into his Speak Easy bar looking like it came right out of the Prohibition Days.We learned that in those days there were 3 political parties—the Democrats, Republicans, and the Prohibitionists.The latter group probably morphed into the Tea Party of today.

There were 30,000 Speak Easys in NYC during prohibition and interestingly enough, crime was increased during that time—far greater than when bars and saloons were al…