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31 December 2015 Cape Charles - Kilmarnock - Williamsburg, VA, - Raleigh, NC, - Florence, SC, - North Myrtle Beach - Mount Pleasant - Charleston, Stone Mountain - Atlanta - Greenville, SC, - Travelers Rest, SC, - Hendersonville, NC, - Longview, TX, - Daphne, AL, - Brunswick, GA

Before you even begin reading, I'm asking for absolution.  I'm pretty certain there are lots of "repeats" so forgive and forget.

     As we began to head south, we spent a few days in Cape Charles, VA, for a trawler rendezvous and extra days as we waited for good weather.  Funny that insurance states that we have to have our boat out of FL during hurricane season and we did—yet Joaquin followed us to VA, skipping FL.
We visited Kilmarnock, VA, while Bill happily assisted Bob Smith with his very last diesel engine class.  Bill never gets enough of Bob’s wisdom and knowledge and would tuck himself into Bob's back pocket if he could.

     Williamsburg, VA, our next stop, is such a beautiful city filled to the brim with history. This is truly one of our American treasures. 

     Besides expanding our horizons, we also got more than 5 miles of walking logged per day. Knowing how the famous Bill Bender Walking Tours are, we had to get an early start. Walk-out-the-door time…