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July 2016 - Bellingham, MA - Falmouth, MA - Woods Hole, MA - Hyannis, Chatham, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The first part of July, we left Bellingham, MA, and drove to Falmouth, MA, to cycle.  We had 3 choices of bike trails so since we support Rails-to-Trails through our donations, we chose the trail from Falmouth to Woods Hole -- and back. The vistas were stunning and it made our hearts happy to see the trail so well used. 

I surely need more saddle time--last week's rides have made me acutely aware that I've not been riding long enough or often enough. Bill's not complaining---guess he's tougher than I am!
As we drove around Hyannis, I Googled "Kennedy Compound" and lo and behold, it led us straight to it!  All I can say is---it's quite lovely and requires more white paint than I can imagine.

     Early July we began our day at 7 AM to tour Martha’s Vineyard which is far larger in area than we’d ever have dreamed. In the summer 100,000 people are there and only 17,000 brave enough to endure their winters. I think we saw all 100,000 yesterday and we kept r…

June 2016 Olverson's Marina and RV Park, Lottsburg, VA; Redondo Beach, CA; Las Vegas, NV

2 June - Being back at Olverson's always feels like coming back home. We entertained Jon, Page, Shirley, Cas, and Fred, boating friends (of course) aboard our Rolling Home. Then we drove to Montrose for dinner at Yesterdays. Danny and Bruce, who live at Olverson’s Marina, own Yesterdays were wonderful hosts with equally wonderful cuisine. A lovely evening prior to shoving off to Redondo Beach and the Vegas nuptials.

3-8 June - We departed Lottsburg, VA, at 0630 for a 1250 flight to LAX from DCA. The airport was packed!!! Security was a snap so here we sit...people watching and waiting. Better early than late, I always say.

8 June - Our LA time is over. What a fun packed week we've had! Son, Geoff Bender, had every second planned. He's a great chauffeur in the LA traffic; he chose excellent restaurants; made plans in advance for events---the grand finale being 14+ hours at Disney. He's going to need a long rest after we all depart. His sister/our daughter, Courtney Bender…