22 - 28 May 2016 Mount Pleasant, SC, - Lottsburg, VA

                           Uncooperative internet or I'd post photos.

22 May - There's a delightful nature trail through the woods and around the pond/lake at Mt. Pleasant's KOA campground providing a sense of being out in the boonies. The only sounds were melodious feathered friends flitting from tree to tree and the crunch of the earth beneath my feet. The trail was still rain soaked from the night before and my footprints were the only visible signs of roaming humanity. Very soul refreshing and spirit renewing. There were 2 rope swings. Who could pass that up---not me. The ropes were long, the branch high, and I had a ball swinging--all alone and by myself.

24 May - A year or 2 ago we met a couple whose boat was in the same marina as ours. We met Stel and Burke who are from Charleston. We joined them that evening for the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Concert. The concert was in a very old downtown theatre--so old that I used to have my dance recitals there.The performance was magnificent.

     End of my long tale. We've not been in contact with them but on FB, Stel saw that we are in Mount Pleasant. On the spur of the moment, we met them at Vickery's on Shem Creek for lunch and completely delighted in their company and conversation. Now!!! We've been in this KOA for 2 weeks and have not met a single soul but were able to connect with a boating couple we met in 2014 and haven't seen since. T’was difficult to say goodbye. Just another example of the vast diff in RV-ers and boaters.

26 May - Before leaving Mt. Pleasant, SC, more boating friends, Deidre and Bob, had us in their home for a 'going away' dinner. The story of how we met many years ago is another interesting saga of the attraction that Sea Urchins have to each other.

     Our drive north on Highway 17 has always been captivating as we "re-enjoy" the quaintness of that stretch---particularly Pawley's Island.
28 May - Just arrived at the beautiful, tranquil, and pastoral Olverson’s Marina/Lodge Creek Yacht Club, Lottsburg, VA. Always been here by boat so arriving by motor coach is kinda weird. Their swimmable pool has just been refurbished and is beautiful. We’ll be here a few days as we pack for a trip to LA to visit son, Geoff; daughter, Courtney; and granddaughter, Alleigh. From there to Vegas where son, Andy, is wedding the love of his life, Whitney. Packing efficiently has never been my forte although friend, Jeanne, is my role model. She packed for a 10 week European trip in a 21” carry-on. That seems like what I’d need for just a weekend but will try to follow in her footsteps. Out here there’s only swaying wheat, tiny corn stalks, nature at her best. 

Until next month--
Bill and Laura aboard M/C Kindred Spirit 


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