June 2016 Olverson's Marina and RV Park, Lottsburg, VA; Redondo Beach, CA; Las Vegas, NV

2 June - Being back at Olverson's always feels like coming back home. We entertained Jon, Page, Shirley, Cas, and Fred, boating friends (of course) aboard our Rolling Home. Then we drove to Montrose for dinner at Yesterdays. Danny and Bruce, who live at Olverson’s Marina, own Yesterdays were wonderful hosts with equally wonderful cuisine. A lovely evening prior to shoving off to Redondo Beach and the Vegas nuptials.

3-8 June - We departed Lottsburg, VA, at 0630 for a 1250 flight to LAX from DCA. The airport was packed!!! Security was a snap so here we sit...people watching and waiting. Better early than late, I always say.

Geoff and Alleigh in a Disney Go-Cart

8 June - Our LA time is over. What a fun packed week we've had! Son, Geoff Bender, had every second planned. He's a great chauffeur in the LA traffic; he chose excellent restaurants; made plans in advance for events---the grand finale being 14+ hours at Disney. He's going to need a long rest after we all depart. His sister/our daughter, Courtney Bender Eidson, and granddaughter, Alleigh, were also there from SC so we had a great family reunion. Fortunately, we were in a 2BR 2 bath guest house, compliments of a friend of Geoff’s but now we're all going our separate ways!

Grandpa and Alleigh doing a telecast
     Live and learn! I was in SoCal years ago to swim in US Masters meets but have NO recollection of how horribly cold it is there. We didn't pack a single warm garment. Thank goodness for our rain jackets. Thought we were going to become ice sculptures. Couldn't buy any woolies---packed to the max for wedding. Sleeveless tops and shorts. Hope some of the shivering generated enough heat to burn off some pounds!

10 - 13 June - Please indulge me—I don’t do this often.
Back is Chadwick Paul Breaux, Sr, father of our 4 sons; front Andy, the groom, #3; me, the mama; Matt #2; Chad, Jr, #1; Stephen #4
 We had a blast in Vegas at son Andy and Whitney’s lavish wedding. A treat to meet her family and for our sons, their dad and me, to all be there. This was a grand event and memories keep putting a smile on my face. Wonderful week and a half with a plethora of family. 

Dianne and Chad Breaux, Whitney and Andy Breaux, and Laura (Breaux) and Bill Bender

Andy and his brothers
Stephen - Whitney - Andy - Matt - Chad

 Heading home---as we know 'home'. The wedding was grand and for our family to be all together was a rare treat.

     13 June - What a day! Arrived Reagan in DC  at 0330. Now gotta drive couple + hours to Lottsburg,VA. Do believe we've already lost Monday. Flight from Vegas to Nashville was delayed and it was all downhill from there. Expected to be tucked snug in our little motor coach bed long before midnight. Returned to our rolling nest at 0630; kissed the sunny day "goodnight" and both of us were in the arms of morpheus before 0700, awakening at 1600. We were TOAST!!! Sipping coffee in our nighties when in the real world it was Happy Hour.

15 June - A serendipity at Annapolis Yacht Club lunching with old boating friends, John and Barbara and Tom and Elinor who are camera shy. They’re our Marathon buds and both couples live in Annapolis. Lunch was delectable and conversation was invaluable. The time to hug them goodbye came far too soon. A delightfully memorable day!

17 June - We’re in Philadelphia for a few days to broaden our American History horizons.

20 June - We're having dinner with our good boating/RV friend, Chic. A beautiful ending to an exciting Philadelphia day

21 June - Think I need CPR! Just paid a $25 toll to leave NJ on worse than horrendous highways and in less than a mile, another $105 to enter NY on a bridge worse than Gov. Christie's toll road. And toll booths don't accept credit cards. Who carries cash anymore??? Can't find an emoticon for ROBBED!🤑

     7 hours. 180 miles. $156 tolls. Loose teeth. Shattered nerves. Short tempers. Never again will we take that route. WHY didn’t I ask RV friends for their advice instead of erroneously thinking we were “going around NYC/Brooklyn”, we went smack dab through it. Items on board that have never budged before found a new temporary residence. We’re very thankful that we were protected—not from each other but from an accident—so it’s time to kiss and make up. From here we’re going to Stonington, CT,—50 miles from Mystic.

22 June - This is a beautiful campground and so very quiet which amplifies the singing of birds and at night, the sounds of crickets. There was no light pollution last night and the sky was spectacular. It's common to see people walking dogs but I did see a strange sight this morning---2 women, each of whom was walking a goat on a leash! Suppose they live in the RV---the goats, that is? They weren't little and cute either--full size black and white goats!

23 June - We toured the old and beautiful building Yale campus. Wish I'd had this exposure 60 years ago and I'd have hung a dream on Yale's star. The quaint downtown is very charming. Only 11,000 students which surprised us and tuition is sorta “normal” in cost. 

Today Bill’s checking off yet another thing on his Bucket List. By some stroke of luck, there’s a Barrett Jackson Auction 30 miles from here and I know he’s in Hog Heaven. Wonder if he’ll bring home a souvenir??? I know he’s loving every second and so glad he found out about it and was able to go. HOME ALONE and I’m accomplishing mighty things today!

24-27 June - We arrived at Seaport RV Resort and Campground, Mystic, CT! Our very first visit to this town prefaced by many raving reports from friends who’ve been there. I'm ready to assemble our bikes and take off exploring.

We walked miles drinking in every ounce of this quaint and historic area. This has been on my bucket list for years. The historic downtown shopping districts, beautiful art galleries, eclectic cafes, pubs, and so many talented musicians. The Wooden Boat Show is in progress this weekend. I saw old Wooden Boats in Beaufort, SC, once upon a time and that’s enough to do me. Bill’s planning to spend the afternoon there while I poke around Old Mystic again. The photos show the Mystic Harbor, an old light house and flowers I couldn’t resist. I’ve never seen dogwood blossoms so thick or so late in the season. And look at the roses—all flowering plants are more than prolific. We watched a fishing boat dock and unload 13 tons of squid that they dumped on a conveyer; immediately into boxes; flash-frozen and shipped to eager customers. We had a great day here.

27 - 30 June - We departed Mystic and went to Bellingham, MA, which enabled us to use this as our point of departure to Block Island and other places of interest. We toured Brown University and Providence, the capital of RI.

     We cycled the entire Block island, lunched with boating friends, Sally and Ted, now it's time for a beer as we overlook the Old Harbor awaiting the ferry to come and fetch us to return us to Bellingham, MA. A great day and our first trip to Block Island. Back in our U.S. Power Squadron days, we took Advanced Piloting and had to chart around Point Judith and Block Island, so we've had a burning desire since way back then, to visit both places.  Block Island is a beautiful spot on our planet!

30 June - Just hit Provincetown and LOVE it. Nothing but weirdness and would move here in a heart beat!? I just shoulda been a tree-hugging full-fledged hippy decades ago.

The lobster and Pilgrim Tower are made of  wine corks
The guy in Mardi Gras colors had been riding a bike advertising a show for that night.
Pilgrim Tower is a monument commemorating the first landing of the Pilgrims in 1620 at Provincetown, where they wrote and signed the Mayflower Compact.

It's time to move on to check several other sites off our Bucket List.

Bill and Laura Bender
Motor Coach Kindred Spirit on Wheels
Bellingham, MA


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