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24 August 2016 - Badeek, Cape Breton,New Glasgow, Moncton, Fredricton, New Brunswick, CA; Bangor, ME; Gorham, and Thornton, NH

Some gentle words for today!

While America figures this all out, I'm going to continue holding doors for strangers, letting people cut in front of me in traffic, saying good morning, being patient with a server, and smiling at strangers, as often as I am provided the opportunity. I will not stand idly by and let children live in a world where unconditional love is invisible. Join me in showing love and respect to someone who may not necessarily deserve it. Find your own way to swing the pendulum in the direction of love.  ❤️
 After we departed Baddeck, we spent several days traveling and settled in an area in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, to set up house keeping for a few days.  Too many days of traveling in a row becomes way too many days in a row of travel.  

      When we entered Canada it was NO big deal—didn’t even ask if we had weapons or stow-aways so expected the same when we came back into our own country.  Boy, was I wrong. They asked me to stand to see if the face on…

9 August 2016 Our last day on Cape Breton - Alexander Graham Bell Museum - Baddeck Festival

You probably know all about Alexander Graham Bell and his wife, Mabel, as I thought I did until I spent several hours in his museum seeing and hearing about his multitude of inventions. Then I realized that all I REALLY knew was that he invented the telephone.  That was small change in comparison to his other accomplishments but that invention did establish him financially enabling him to pursue other endeavors. He and Mabel were brilliant.  As he came up with ideas for other inventions, she was right beside him with encouragement and her own theories.

    This museum really intrigued me much more than I'd anticipated.  Bell built kites hoping they would be able to lift a man into the air and he called them Flying Machines. Eventually he invented an airplane so to Canada, he's what the Wright Brothers are to America.  A hydrofoil boat was another invention that Mabel got to ride in but her husband never did. She claimed to've loved the exhilaration of the speed and her prox…

8 August 2016 Sailboat Cruise on Lake Bras d'Or, Baddeck, Cape Breton

Our plans are to tour the Bell Museum on our last day so before we did that, we wanted to see the lake from the water and understand what the Bells saw, from that vantage point, that caused them to choose Baddeck for their summer home.

     We hopped a wooden 67 foot sailboat built by the captain's father in his back yard decades ago and he sailed us around the lake narrating as we went.

Bill and Laura Bender
Baddeck, Cape Breton Island

7 August 2016 Cabot Trail - Skyline Trail - Pleasant Bay - Whale Watching

An intricate network of rivers and lakes, waterfalls and beaches lies over the entire island of Cape Breton.  In addition to that, there's mile after mile of foot-worthy trails that beckoned us to explorer and see the beauty of Cape Breton up close and personal. Our time here was too scant.  It would take at least an entire season to make a dent in digesting this area.

Despite the tourists who flock here, the island remains a wilderness sanctuary with a magnificent, brawny coastline.  Just off these rocky shores, whales follow their annual migration patterns, and thousands of seabirds make the cliffs their summer home.

Atop the Highlands is a latticework of lakes, bogs, rivers, and springs, amid the scrub spruce and golden meadows of rough grass.This is where the moose live but we never spied one.

     The Skyline Trail on Highlands is one of the most popular hikes in the area because of the dramatic view from the ridge.  Aside from completing the Cabot Trail that day, this was on ou…

6 August 2016 Uisage Falls Provincial Park

On Saturday, our touring began with a portion of the 183 mile Cabot Trail, intending to conclude with a hike in one of the magnificent provincial parks.  Of course, the Cabot Trail is everything you've ever heard or read. If it isn't on your Bucket List you may want to add it.  

There is so much beauty as we drive that our heads felt they were on swivels.  Regardless of the direction that you look, there is sparkling azure water!

     En route to the park, we crossed the Baddeck River Bridge and it was ever so weird. It's one-way with an amber light telling you if someone's on the bridge. The side railings look more secure than bars in a jail cell.      The park's parking lot was crowded and that always warms my heart to see so many out in the fresh air and getting exercise. I don't mind congested hiking paths.  It was a short and refreshing hike to and around Uisge Ban (ish-ka-ban) Falls. This was such a beautiful afternoon and well spent.  There are two tra…

1-5 August 2016 Halifax - Lunenburg - Blue Rocks

Our arrival in Nova Scotia occurred the end of July but we’re still here—and lovin’ it—so bear with me if I repeat.  We fancy ourselves to be ‘active travelers’ because we plunge into the entire experience of the culture, people, and settings of the places we visit.  We chat with local people, take in their festivals, and go off the beaten track to discover how citizens of each area truly live. In Nova Scotia, the tides have shaped not only their coastline but also the cultures and traditions of those who live here. This little part of our world is blessed by geography.Nowhere in the province are you ever far from the ocean so choice seafood abounds everywhere.
     By far, my favorite village is Old Town Lunenburg, UNESCO World Heritage Site, established in 1753, is an ideal example of a British planned colonial settlement in North America.I love its colorful waterfront, red wooden warehouses, narrow streets, charming architecture and nautical history. It continues to be a workin…