6 August 2016 Uisage Falls Provincial Park

     On Saturday, our touring began with a portion of the 183 mile Cabot Trail, intending to conclude with a hike in one of the magnificent provincial parks.  Of course, the Cabot Trail is everything you've ever heard or read. If it isn't on your Bucket List you may want to add it.  

 There is so much beauty as we drive that our heads felt they were on swivels.  Regardless of the direction that you look, there is sparkling azure water!

     En route to the park, we crossed the Baddeck River Bridge and it was ever so weird. It's one-way with an amber light telling you if someone's on the bridge. The side railings look more secure than bars in a jail cell. 
Isn't the Baddeck River Bridge just about the strangest bridge?  
Uisage Falls
     The park's parking lot was crowded and that always warms my heart to see so many out in the fresh air and getting exercise. I don't mind congested hiking paths.  It was a short and refreshing hike to and around Uisge Ban (ish-ka-ban) Falls. This was such a beautiful afternoon and well spent.  There are two trails--both passing through a hardwood forest of primarily maple, birch, and beech. Either/both trails lead to the 52 foot waterfall.  We had a great hike followed by a picnic then home for a cheese and crackers supper.

Two Birch Trees Seeking Nutrients
I love babbling streams and this ran beside one of the trails and coming from the falls.

Bill and Laura
Baddeck, Cape Breton


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