7 August 2016 Cabot Trail - Skyline Trail - Pleasant Bay - Whale Watching


    An intricate network of rivers and lakes, waterfalls and beaches lies over the entire island of Cape Breton.  In addition to that, there's mile after mile of foot-worthy trails that beckoned us to explorer and see the beauty of Cape Breton up close and personal. Our time here was too scant.  It would take at least an entire season to make a dent in digesting this area.

   Despite the tourists who flock here, the island remains a wilderness sanctuary with a magnificent, brawny coastline.  Just off these rocky shores, whales follow their annual migration patterns, and thousands of seabirds make the cliffs their summer home.

     Atop the Highlands is a latticework of lakes, bogs, rivers, and springs, amid the scrub spruce and golden meadows of rough grass.  This is where the moose live but we never spied one.

     The Skyline Trail on Highlands is one of the most popular hikes in the area because of the dramatic view from the ridge.  Aside from completing the Cabot Trail that day, this was on our agenda before our 5 PM date with the Whale Cruise on a Zodiac!!!  Full day, wouldn't you say?


    I was so eager to see a whale so we scheduled a whale watching tour out of Pleasant Bay, Cape Breton.  Whales start arriving in the spring and stay until late fall.  Humpbacks arrive in June and by mid-June they are very abundant.  The Northern Right whale is usually seen only in late summer to the fall so thought we were there at just the right time.  Whales visiting Cape Breton include the blue, fin, minke, humpback, pilot and the sea whale.  

A great view of the rugged coast of Nova Scotia


A closer view of the magnificent coastline
     I was captivated by the sequence of this sunset. Notice that after the sun disappears below the horizon that what (to me) looks like an electric current that remained there for several minutes.

Bill and Laura
Baddeck, C.B.I


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