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8 October 2016 -Salisbury, VT; Bennington, NY; Saratoga Springs, NY; Fort Ann, NY; Old Forge, NY; Clayton, NY; Williamson, NY; Waterloo, NY; Cape Vincent, NY; Morrisburg, Ontario; Seneca and Cayuga Lakes, NY; Corning, NY; Pittsburg, PA; Harrisburg, PA; Asheville, NC; Summerville, SC

Doubt you're perched on the edges of your chairs waiting for another blog update (Bill teases me about that) but it's almost impossible to play all day and feel inspired to write in the evenings.  Better nate than lever!
  We left charming NH and its White Mountains, for Vermont’s Green Mountains. NH is, without question, spectacular, and we hope for a return trip one of these days to visit the areas we missed. Being in this vicinity is like stepping back in time. Rarely do we see a chain hotel--most are little mom and pop motels and cabins which takes me back to the 40's and 50's when we'd go on 2 week family vacations.
     Another unusual thing is that houses connect to the garage which connects to the barn. The farmers must've been slaving all summer because we see mammoth piles of stacked firewood which makes my back hurt just to look at it. There are also bales and bales of shrink wrapped hay ready for the winter. A bunch of hard working folks up here.