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December 2016 Wildwood - Ocala - Orlando - Tops'l Preserve - Ft. Picken's, FL - Daphne, AL - Biloxi, MS - Alexandria, Shreveport, LA - Longview - Lewisville - Dallas, TX

Our 2nd day in The Villages provided an opportunity to "rest up" so we took our bikes to a local shop to have their periodic checkups. Should be ready Friday which’ll give our ‘sit-upons’ a much needed rest. Also, day 2 of a technician searching for an electrical connect which seems to be elusive. The hourly rate isn’t peanuts, either, so hope it reveals itself soon because it’s gotta be identified.

     We discussed our take on The Villages, population 157,000 of those 55 and older. It is TOO homogenous for me. Of all the people we saw, they were every one white caucasians. Every conversation we heard was only English. There wasn’t a single child or young adult visible. Don’t think I could ever settle in a community where everybody looked the same, spoke the same, acted the same, were the same age and all living in little cookie cutter houses. The property is very well maintained—lawn maintenance folks are working all the time and everywhere we looked was pristine. Desp…