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Austin - San Marcus - Denton - Grapevine - Fredericksburg - San Antonio - Terlinguas - Big Bend State and National Parks - Alpine - Fort Davis - Odessa

New Year’s Day we said our goodbyes to son, Matt, our grand daughters and great grandson, and drove to Austin where we stayed in McKinney Falls State Park. The location was about 5 miles outside of Austin but we had easy access to the city. The park is beautiful with different kinds of birds and other wild life—but we saw only deer. A little wren became our friend and each morning, would come and perch on top of our coach’s side mirror where he would peck, then fly down to the mirror’s base and he’d fly “in place” admiring himself. He was there every single morning except for the morning that we were leaving.

    We enjoyed quite a few of the hiking trails in the park, leading to 2 water falls. Looks like nothing’s been moved for decades—lots of fallen trees and old limestone walls that look ancient. 

Love the firemen's creativity!

     Youngest son, Stephen, lives in Austin and we spent almost every evening with him. Cycling there is great and the very first day we rode the 11 …