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28 February 2017 Odessa, TX, - Carlsbad, NM, - Tucson, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, AZ

Seeing Odessa in our rear view mirror was not a sad sight, although we were pleased with the Cummins mechanic who made headway on our engine issue. We rank Odessa right up there with Carrabelle, FL, and not one of our favorite towns.

     The Guadalupe Mountains National Park in New Mexico protects one of the world’s best examples of a fossil reef and is home to Carlsbad Caverns. Both of these are found in the Chihauhauan Desert.

     Carlsbad was better than our memories served us from our visits there as children.  It has no equal that we've experienced and is a domain of gigantic subterranean chambers with fantastic cave formations.  Every step we took elicited gasps of wonder and amazement at these exquisite formations that God has given us to enjoy.  

   We were over 750 feet below the desert’s surface where the year-round temp is 56 so our jackets felt comfy.
     Rangers and exhibits were available to provide in-depth information about the ecology, history, and cave format…