9 March 2017 Route 66 Williams, AZ

     This morning we departed Grand Canyon National Park after 5 phenomenal days en route to Williams, AZ, on Route 66. We arrived here noonish and after a quick lunch, I asked Bill if he'd like to go to dinner at Wild West Junction tonight.  He absolutely cracks me up!!! He said he would enjoy that -"I'm all about WILD as long as it's before 8 o'clock" and off he shuffled to take an after lunch nap so he can make it till 8.

     Williams is the last town in America to hold out against the opening of I-40 that would by pass the famous Route 66. Doesn't this highway conjure up thoughts of a rich history of soda fountains, neon lights, and classic cars? Only here will you find a stretch of Route 66 which is an experience, a feeling, an appreciation, a taste of sight and sound, and a mystery that can only be resolved by driving the pavement itself.

     In 1926, Route 66 was thought to epitomize unparalleled freedom to travel across the American West. The original paved highway was a narrow two-lane road, slightly wider than one lane of our modern highways, spanning over 2,300 miles from Chicago to Long Beach.

     It had great stretches of scenic open roads, connecting the small towns along the way. In those days of a more relaxed pace, a new kind of hospitality began to grow. Diners, motels, and shops began popping up as tourists discovered Williams as a nice place to visit before arriving at the Grand Canyon and a great place to relax after a visit to the Canyon. Some of those same motels from back in the day have been revitalized and the storefronts of Main Street are preserved as a designated National Historic District.

     Williams is definitely worthy of an afternoon and overnight stay to enjoy its quaint uniqueness.

Bill and Laura Bender
Williams, AZ



As a child Carl lived in Dallas & many summers (1950-1962) our family would drive from Dallas to Los Angeles to visit my mother's family. A couple of times we took the northern route along Route 66. Great memories of wild, desert mountain country and little western towns.

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