30 June 2017 Charleston/Mt. Pleasant/Isle of Palms/Wild Dunes Yacht Harbor

Approaching Charleston Harbor 20 May 2017
     The end of June marks the near end of our stay on Isle of Palms. We arrived 20 May and in that period of time, lots has been accomplished and revealed. Of course, Bill’s spent many hours sanding and varnishing with 3 coats on and 8 more to go. Then he’ll attack the transom as he lies on his side. Bless his heart. He works so hard to keep our teak in beautiful condition.

     We’ve both completed our medical/dental/vision appointments for another 6 months. We can’t say enough approving and favorable words about the MUSC system. Everyone, from the most basic position, up the ladder, excel in exceptional customer service. Once you’re in their data base, every physician that you see has visibility of and can read notes from your other care providers.

     I’ve been bradycardic for decades with a resting heart rate around 46-48 bpm from my years of competitive swimming. On Monday, the day after we arrived, I saw my PCP where my HR of 33 was documented—several times. He was surprised that I was vertical, had good color, and had never passed out. Tuesday found me in the cardiologist’s office with a HR of 33. Wednesday, I was in the electrophysiologist’s office who said that my getting a pacemaker was not up for discussion. Friday morning I was in the OR for that procedure. My head was spinning at how rapidly things occurred which is another reason that we sing the praises of MUSC. This little device has absolutely changed my life. Before, I had no zip and when we were out west, I attributed the altitude to my inability to cycle or hike but when we got to Hilton Head Island, nothing had changed and HHI's as flat as a fritter. Now, we know why. I feel like a million bucks with the energy of a 6 year old. Wish I’d gotten that widget long ago. Technology is so cool! Every 3 months, I check in with the Nurse Practitioner via my phone and a transducer (I guess) transmitting info to her. Did you know that as our years increase, our heart rate decreases so since mine was in the 40's, it didn't have an appreciable cushion to drop for me to remain upright. The pacemaker has made such a vast improvement in my energy level that Bill's trying to find a way to turn it off.

     Bill’s dermatologist biopsied a lesion just beneath his eye and the path report was positive for basal cell so he went to a most excellent MOHs surgeon that I have seen in the past. Joseph McGowan, MD, is his name if you're in this area and need his services. He isn’t in the MUSC network but is very skilled in this procedure AND writes lyrics, composes music, sings, plays piano and guitar. Now Bill has a nice long vertical scar on his face but it is fast fading and almost unnoticeable.

      Nearly every morning since my New Happy Heart, I was up and OTD before the sun awoke, experiencing exhilarating beach walks. The fresh early quiet with the music of the birds and the tide rolling in is a treat of which I never tire. A bit after sunrise, folks are out with their dogs. I LOVE watching dogs run on the beach and play in the surf. That makes me laugh out loud all alone and by myself! They are running at break neck speed which carves a smile on my face that lasts all day and is one of my favorite things!  I get in my 10,000 steps but the biggest charge was watching all these puppies run, gallop, charge into the surf, and catch balls on the fly. I'm going to miss that when we leave here next week. It is such a hoot.

 Look how wide the beach is at early morning low tide! Excellent for walkers and runners.

       This little girl's mom, dressed in a long, flowing, clingy dress, is very pregnant They were on the beach for a silhouette photo of this little angel with her forehead against her mom's belly profiled against the sunrise. They woke her at 5:30 and she wasn't happy but eventually they got a picture close to their expectations.

       This was a serendipity and  first for me. I found mama turtle tracks from her trip ashore to lay her eggs.

                        Sunrise over the Atlantic and Mama Turtle Tracks.

     Hanging out at Dunleavy's Pub, Sullivan's Island, enjoying the music of Carroll Brown, with our friends, Joan, John, Betsy, and Jim.

   As this month draws to a close, our days are packed to the hilt with those final things that need to be done before casting off and they can be done ONLY at the 11th hour. 

     We've enjoyed having friends for dinner and the night Jim and Betsy were here, look at this beautiful gift at the end of our day.

     On the 29th, the love of my life celebrated his 71st birthday!!! I am so proud to be his wife. He is a wonderful man whose character is beyond reproach. Love you to infinity, Bill!

     One of the things we've most taken pleasure in is reconnecting with Seacoast, our church, in volunteering as greeters and participating in a small group each week. Because of our vagrant life style, we don't have the benefit of the warmth of "community" but Seacoast has filled this void during the 6 weeks we've been here.

     Wishes for a safe long holiday weekend as we enjoy our freedom and thank those who have and are serving to keep us free.

Bill and Laura
Kindred Spirit III
Wild Dunes Yacht Basin
Isle of Palms, SC


Maggie Privette said…
Laura! Beautifully written, spectacular pix! I think I just took an armchair vacation. Glad your heart pacemaker has put the
"I can do it" back into your life.
I picture you as the Energiser Bunny!!! Love & hugs,

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