9 September 2017 Renwick Gallery Washington, DC

                                               Renwick Gallery

     This gallery fancies itself being America’s Louvre and it is quite interesting.

      The most fascinating display is the Parallax Gap, made of separate layers, suspended from the ceiling, and occupying the entire length of the Renwick Gallery. It transforms the upstairs into a visual puzzle with its multiple vanishing points. The 9 layers depict different ceilings in iconic American buildings of the 19th and 20th centuries.

     Installed near or on top of one another, they create layers that, depending on my position, appear totally different and change as I walk about beneath this suspension, looking up. 

     It plays with the ideas of depth and perspective offering many vantage points to appreciate the work. Parallax is defined as how the distance or depth of objects appear to vary when viewed from different lines of sight and this is most certainly THAT!!!  


     Without a doubt, this is the focal point of the entire gallery but there are also other works of interest.

           This bench looked inviting and I really did want to try it out!

 This soft and inviting looking pillow is actually carved from a chunk of marble.

     At first glance, Ghost Clock, appears to be a Grandfather Clock covered with a white sheet but it’s a sculpture hand carved from a block of  laminated mahogany. Its silence suggests eternity—the absence of time. I need to feel things and was so tempted to touch even though the sign said not. I had no idea that there’s a motion sensor that would tell the entire gallery that I’d transgressed and I’d have been mortified.

    Nothing special--just interesting and pretty building I liked as I meandered. It's now a bank.


                                                  Reagan Memorial

Till later--
Bill and Laura


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