8 September 2017 - A DC Day Out on the Town



     This morning, at the Washington Post, I had the good fortune of attending a breakfast and interview with Wilber Ross, U.S. Secretary of Commerce. James Hohmann, interviewer for the Post, (of which I’ve become quite fond), is a national political correspondent who interviews decision-makers on the most relevant news having to do with their jobs. So this morning, it was 79 year old Mr. Ross on the stage with Mr. Hohhmann.

     The two discussed the Trump administration’s efforts to reshape the playing field for international trade, the tax reform push, and other pressing economic issues, including hurricane recovery. Mr. Ross commented on the relationship between the White House and business leaders; the disbandment of the president’s manufacturing and economic councils. “What’s sad is for business leaders to give up an opportunity to influence policy over some singular issue with which they disagree. I don’t think that’s very considered.”

     This was to begin at 9 AM and it did—on the dot!!! It ran about 5 minutes over but no one seemed to object. It was a very informative morning.

Trump Hotel

                                                                                          Trump Hotel Lobby

     Long ago when the old Post Office was just that, Bill and I toured it and went up into the tower so I was curious as to what it looks like now as a Trump Hotel. I’d have never recognized it for what it used to be. Quite opulent but then what would you expect. The bar must have hundreds of bottles! I’ve never seen so much booze.

 I was happy to see that they kept the funny little circular radiators surrounding the columns. 

     It was suggested I visit the Willard Hotel and it is so classic and grand old elegance. I love the old teeny tiny tiled floor. I’ve never seen tiles so small. Can’t image “back then” the back breaking job of laying those.

     Charmaine invited me to her office for lunch in their cafeteria. This is an international legal firm of 2800 attorneys but in her building there are just a mere 1000. Instead of an office building it looks like a high end hotel and resort. Lawyer’s offices line each side of the halls—each of the 11 floors is laid out in a square, and are glass walls—no wood anywhere. The door to each office slides and when it’s closed, all mayhem could break out in there and you wouldn’t hear a sound. The cafeteria reminded me of the unlimited choices on a cruise ship. The good was quite appealing to my taste buds and tastefully presented. We took our meals and went to the roof where there are tables, umbrellas, comfy chairs, and a beautiful view accompanied by a cooling breeze. She works really hard but to come to work in a place this majestic and beautiful would be wonderful. The architects, decorators, and landscapers spared no cost to make this building a work of art.

     Day is done and tomorrow’s calendar is jam-packed so looking forward to another great day.


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