This city makes me insatiable for education, exercise, and culture!

    I LOVE this city and I never want to leave!  This afternoon I entered the auditorium in the bowels of the Smithsonian Museum of American Art for a piano concert. I sat beside a lady who was a delight with whom to chat before the concert began. She’s from Sweden, lived in the Virgin Islands for 30 years, and recently moved to D.C. She doesn’t have a car; doesn’t want a car; and loves to walk or cycle everywhere she goes with an occasional Metro thrown in. She pays $85/year for the BikeShare program and just raved about it, it’s easy, availability, and convenience.

      As I rode my bike home tonight, I became amused and kinda chuckled all alone and by myself! For blocks, a bus drove right beside me. It'd stop to pick up or let passengers off and I'd pass. Soon, it'd pass me again and at the next corner, I'd pass it. We leap-frogged all the way down to my point to turn so even though it was "even Stephen", I think I won. I didn't pollute, use fuel, and got a tiny bit of exercise. Guess I'm just easily entertained!

     At intermission a lady from Beijing sat down on the other side of me and after the concert was over, she and I chatted at least 30 minutes. They used to live here but moved to the Philippines for 15 years for her husband’s job, and now they’re back. We shared ideas and experiences and when we said goodbye, it was with a hug as if we’d known each other for ever.

     Since we’ve been here I feel like a dry sponge. I can’t see enough; go enough; cycle enough; hike enough; do enough; or learn enough. The energy of this city and the stimulation it offers is something that I will crave forever. 


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