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28 October 2017 Mattawoman Creek Anchorage to Olverson's Marina AKA Lodge Creek Yacht Club

We had another beautiful day for cruising from Mattawoman Creek Anchorage to Olverson's Marina. 

     We arrived just in time for Happy Hour and their Halloween Party with oysters fried, roasted; chicken fried, smoked; ham; and desserts unfathomable. With oyster knife in hand I attached those hot, steamy, smoking bivalves and ate till I just couldn't have another bite! Wonderful people and delicious food after a long day on the water. Coming here is like coming home. We've been here so often and have many great friends here. Of course, Cas and Freddie are the shining stars and finer folks you could never find.

Bill and Laura
Aboard Kindred Spirit III
Lodge Creek Yacht Club/Olverson's Marina
Calleo, VA

27 October 2017 Washington, DC - Mattawoman Creek Anchorage

We cast off our lines from DC today headed for Mattawoman Creek Anchorage. We couldn't have wished for a more perfect day for cruising. 

Turning at the 14th St Bridge to head south

Departing the DC Waterfront

War College

Mattawoman Creek Anchorage shared with 4 other boats

Eventide 27 October 2017

Blue skies, calms seas, comfy temps. Early afternoon we anchored with 4 other boats but no crowding. It is SO quiet--no choppers, sirens, dock mates walking back and forth.... We love the frantic and energetic DC scene but we're savoring this solitude. We love this life and are so thankful for our blessings and our life style.

Bill and Laura
At peace with ourselves and the universe

26 October 2017 Sayonara, Washington, DC!!!

Sadly, today's our last day here. Our intentions were to spend 2 months --we'd spent a month twice before but needed longer this time.  Cruisers don't have plans---unless they're cast in dilute Jello---we have intentions. We've delayed our departure twice but now, after 3 months, we've gotta go. Temps are  falling so we're outa here.
A pretty steeple in Chinatown

      Of all the big cities we've visited, none has the accidental loveliness, to us, as does D.C. This is a city you can walk across, with wide-open avenues, front porches, old neighborhoods and river views. It was designed by a Parisian, Pierre L'Enfant, and, in some respects, still retains that 'feeling'. By law, buildings cannot be taller than the width of the street they front, enabling one to always be able to see the sky. There are more than two dozen free museums, so you can absorb culture the way it was meant to be experienced. Take a tour of NPR. Enter the name of a museum o…

26 October 2017 Another Post Interview; The Capitol Steps, National Archives with Ken Burns, Grand Opening of District Wharf

Kay Bailey Hutchison, Republican and Texan, who spent nearly 20 years in the US Senate, is our NATO representative. She was the first female Senator elected to represent Texas. The Washington Post hosted Ambassador Hutchison, for an interview with columnist David Ignatius. The former senator discussed the future of the transatlantic alliance that Donald Trump once called “obsolete” -- a position that he has since reversed; she talked about mounting threats from Russia and other countries against Western allies. She addressed her top priorities in the areas of military cooperation, intelligence-gathering and combating terrorism. Bill and I were for fortunate enough to be present for this interview.
     A friend who once lived here and is still in the area, suggested we attend a performance of The Capitol Steps. So thankful for her suggestion because we’d never heard of this American political satire group. They began in 1981 at a Christmas party in the office of former Senator Cha…

19 October 2017 - More D.C Adventures

At our D.C marina, 300 tickets were sold for a charity to those who were curious to see what different types and brands of boats look like on the inside and to ask questions of the owners about living aboard a boat. Many benevolent live-aboards offered to participate (for a worthy cause). Can you imagine all those people traipsing through your home??? When the gates were flung open at 10 AM, I was reminded of The Running of the Bulls so Bill and I (not willing participants) took off in separate directions—he to Arlington Memorial Cemetery for a guided historic walking tour and I went to Art on the Avenue in Del Ray, Alexandria, VA. This is their annual arts festival and the exhibitors were legion!! The little tents occupied both sides of the street for blocks and blocks. Beautiful and varied art and superb bands of many genres. The day is sunny, clear skies and a gentle little breeze. Another day to store in our memory banks.

     The marvelous opportunity has been ours on several…

8 October 2017 Newseum, US Botanic Garden, National Gallery of Art

Our Austin, TX, son, Stephen, came for a long weekend (bike helmet in tow) and every moment was jam-packed being on the move. The Newseum had a special "free" day so we took advantage of that. When there are limitless Smithsonian museums available at no cost so we're not too inclined to pay for one of the few who charge admission.

Views from Newseum's top deck

Lincoln Memorial
Notice the bike lanes right down the center of Pennsylvania Avenue

Our Capitol

No one asked the name of our hair stylist

These guys are hard at work. Wonder if they ever look down?

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center 

                                     Washington Monument

Refueling at Old Penn Quarter before forging ahead in our explorations

                  Aren't these orchids in the Botanic Garden magnificent!