8 October 2017 Newseum, US Botanic Garden, National Gallery of Art

     Our Austin, TX, son, Stephen, came for a long weekend (bike helmet in tow) and every moment was jam-packed being on the move. The Newseum had a special "free" day so we took advantage of that. When there are limitless Smithsonian museums available at no cost so we're not too inclined to pay for one of the few who charge admission.

                                            Views from Newseum's top deck

Lincoln Memorial

Notice the bike lanes right down the center of Pennsylvania Avenue

Our Capitol

No one asked the name of our hair stylist

These guys are hard at work. Wonder if they ever look down?

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center 

                                     Washington Monument

Refueling at Old Penn Quarter before forging ahead in our explorations

                   Aren't these orchids in the Botanic Garden magnificent!

     Our next escapade was at the National Gallery of Art where we could've spent an entire week.

     From the top floor looking down the stairwell, I was intrigued by the diamond shapes formed by the railing that mirror the cut of the marble floors.

This interesting and colorful mobile caught my eye reminding me of the ones we hung over the bassinet when the children were infants.

     One afternoon, a class on the use of metaphors was offered and the instructor, we're assuming, is a college English professor. She was very animated, exuded enormous energy, and, through the use of a few select paintings, stimulated some serious thought and made the use of the metaphor come alive. That was a very valuable learning experience.

Another bird's eye view in NAG of a stairwell.

Don't you just love the beauty of the tunnel connecting the East and West wings of the NAG!?

     Day is done and we're relaxing and reminiscing on the escapades of the day over dinner at the iconic Old Ebbitt Bar Grill.

                                 Scenes from our night ride home

     The next day we spent on bikes riding all over the city appreciating the super bike paths and the beauty and history of our capital.

     Shrimp and crabs to take home for dinner sounded good and easy so that was our evening menu enjoyed from our fly bridge as we watched the sun slowly sink into the west on Stephen's last evening with us. We had such a fun time with him and thoroughly enjoyed his visit.

Bill and Laura
Washington, DC


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