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19 November 2017 Fall. Transitions. Leaving Kindred Spirit "up north". Waiting for coach repair.

Once again we checked in to Olverson’s Marina, arriving just in time for Happy Hour and their Halloween Party with oysters fried, roasted; chicken fried, smoked; ham; and desserts unfathomable. With oyster knife in hand I attached those hot, steamy, smoking bivalves and ate till I couldn't! Wonderful people and delicious food after a long day on the water. Coming here is like coming home. We've been here so many times and have great friends here. Of course, Cas and Freddie are the stars and better folks you could never find.
     ’twas a chilly and beautiful morning at Olverson's Marina on the Yecomico River in late October. The night before we had a great evening with friends over cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and gales of laughter, hosted by Jon and Page. In the morning we're casting off our lines en route to Solomon's, MD, to tuck Kindred Spirit in for the winter. Being at Olverson’s is so much like home and we always love our stays here.

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